Facility Rules (version 2024-02-12)

Smartlock Self Storage® Facility Rules (Version 2024-02-12)

Welcome to Smartlock Self Storage®! Please adhere to the following rules for a safe and secure environment:

Access Instructions: Access may be controlled digitally by the tenant or management. Notify management of any requested access changes promptly.

Reporting Damages: Report any damage or malfunctions to gates, fencing, locks, or equipment immediately.

Compliance: Follow all written instructions for gate access and rental agreements. Any damage due to negligence or misuse is the responsibility of the tenant.

Safety: While we implement security measures, we cannot guarantee crime prevention. Contact emergency services for any suspected criminal activity.

Personal injury or property damage disclaimer: Mechanical and electronic devices may malfunction. Security measures cannot guarantee crime prevention. Protecting tenants and their invitees from crime is the sole responsibility of tenants and law enforcement agencies. In case of crime, contact law enforcement first. WE ARE NOT LIABLE TO ANY TENANT OR INVITEE FOR PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH OR DAMAGE/LOSS OR THEFT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY FROM INCIDENTS RELATED TO PERIMETER FENCING, VEHICLE ACCESS GATES, PEDESTRIAN ACCESS GATES, OR OTHER SIMILAR DEVICES OR THIRD PARTY CRIMINAL CONDUCT.

Rules for Vehicle Gates:

  1. Approach gates cautiously and at a slow speed. Do not obstruct gates or force them open. Contact management for assistance with boats or trailers. Ensure no one is in the gate area before operation.
  2. Do not stop your vehicle where the gate can hit it during operation.
  3. Do not follow another vehicle through an open gate.
  4. Do not force the gate open or closed with your vehicle.
  5. Do not operate the gate if there are people nearby, especially small children.
  6. If login credentials are forgotten, follow app instructions or contact management.
  7. Do not share login credentials with others.
  8. Do not tamper with gates or associated mechanical devices.
  9. Keep children away from gates to prevent accidents.

Harassment Policy: Harassment of employees, customers, vendors, or contractors will not be tolerated. Respectful and professional conduct is expected from all individuals. Any instances of harassment should be reported to management immediately for appropriate action.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a safe and secure environment for all tenants and visitors at Smartlock Self Storage®.